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Citizen Fish

"Millennia Madness" CD (Lookout!)

Okay, so these ex-Subhumans, a band I always considered boring, put out another record of Anthems for the new generation of Punx. I know my opinion is shit, but the lyrics are great and some of the best stuff I've read since Schwarzeneggar, but the music is uninspiring, flat and boring. BUT I would recommend this record because it's a great Sunday morning hangover record to throw on and make even the oldest punk loadies out there respark. (DAVE)

Citizen Fish "Thirst" CD (Lookout!)

If memory serves correct, there's someone from Crass in the band. While this doesn't grab me, it doesn't suck. Part of it is bouncy ska, part of it is vaguely rock and still another part consists of the political punk purveyed by acts like ... well, Crass. For people who like this stuff, it might be great.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008