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Capsize 7

"Mephisto" CD (Caroline)

This is one of those releases that I like more and more with each play. You know how when you first listen to something, you tend to draw comparisons to other bands? Well, upon first listen I kinda got a hint of Archers of Loaf with some Wire thrown in for good measure (especially on "The Safe," which is my favorite track). But Capsize 7 take the disjointed lo-fi pop stylings down some different avenues and the results are impressive. Lots of guitar texturing, quiet melodies exploding into strong distorted choruses with nice, clean breaks and tidy drum and bass work. The vocals work perfectly within each song's structure and the occasional harmonies are never a nuisance. This is a strong release and you should buy it. This band shows promise. Some of my other favorite songs are "Armstrong," "Remote Control Human" and "Tomato Paste." Good stuff! (JOSH)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008