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State Of Love And Trust

my love and trust for you broke down about a week ago and i still made it through the last seven days and i thought this time i couldn't be fixed but i'm still here and how do you expect me to keep this charade going and why do you expect me to maintain this facade did you come to believe i was a sculptor of the soul and could repair the damage done by passing time and the erosion of your beliefs life is so easy when you don't commit to it and waltz through as if it were simply another cinderella ball but it's long past your midnight and your friend's couch isn't as comfortable as it used to be you've spent so long hiding and concealing and running that you're never going to fit your foot in that glass slipper swollen ankles from standing too long slipped and twisted them when you tried to run from me because you didn't really want to go and you said so you said you regretted it but after all the words you've said and everything you've done is there really anything left to go back to or should i simply erase the board and chalk up something new a new lesson plan to learn a new blueprint for life for living and getting on with it i haven't anything left now and i told you that too and you were the last person i could hold on to but with you gone i'm surprisingly free and i feel fine because you weren't the end of my world and it only took me a few days to figure this out i won't pine over you and i won't be in a pine box over you and i won't be in a grave over you because i won't be the one on that couch with shit and piss staining the cushion i won't be leaving behind closets to clean and possessions to distribute and somehow you decided to throw it all away and see if you could find where it landed and it never did never will never going to be a suicide killer and you can see holes burned in the grass and i'm already gone without a trace

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008