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Hotel Womb

another night another band another beer another nothing much to speak of empty hand emptier bed and an empty silence in my ears that's drowned out by the ringing of the ring i bought and i paid almost $80 for it almost $80 for a hotel womb i kept trying to crawl back to i kept trying to crawl when i should have been walking but my feet still hurt and my head still aches and my heart isn't really a topic of conversation at the moment because i try to avoid talking about nothing at all but my hands still hate you because they can't escape your memory of frozen vodka and midori eyes ice cubes and a tumbler glass house and you shouldn't have thrown stones at me broken me with rock 'n' roll and 3 power chords to form a band which fit around your finger and bound me to you only to come back stuck on the middle only to choke the last gasp of sanity out only to make me forget about checking in with you to let you know i'm okay to let you know i'm alive and i still care to let you know that i still feel bound to you and i still feel gravity working and pulling me closer to let you know i've had it with checking in and i'm checking out

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008