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Heart Of A Broken Story

i've never been to france but i can imagine you in montreal walking through snow-covered streets and ain't it funny because that's how i feel now like i'm buried under snow and slowly getting colder like the hypothermia is setting in and the whiskey doesn't do the trick anymore you big silly floppy old dog what the hell are you doing out here you'll catch your death and i remember the way i used to sleep in my empty bed with a dog at my feet to keep me company and i can't recover what i lost it's all in orbit in outer space junk floating around and around in the vacuum of darkness and silence and it's one more day just another day get up wake up shower go to work and ignore the rest ignore the people walking around ignore the weather my location and realize i'm 20 miles from where i should have been and i feel so far away i don't feel like i'm anywhere at all and i'm heading east leaving for the next coast i can find i'll throw my things in the sea and jump in after them letting the salt water wash me clean letting it blind me and burn my skin soak my clothes and weigh me down i know i can tread water for as long as i have to and it seems like treading is all i'm doing anymore holding my place and trying not to get washed away trying not to sink not to let the water fill my lungs let the pressure crush me and i've got both my hands up to either side pushing the walls back but they keep grinding in and will you please stop will you please take all this away will you please stop pushing me pressing me pressuring me and it's the terror of knowing what this world is about it's the terror of another night alone it's everything it's fixing dinner for one and making reservations for one and buying one movie ticket and i used to be half of one but now i feel like something was subtracted and i've never been good at math please add this up

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008