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Cyclone Heritage Spit

falsehoods pour from your mouth like cockroaches a never ending flood of obscenity and tears but i overlooked this shortcoming because i was blinded by your cocksucking red lips and you don't want to speak since i told you not to lie to me anymore and your lips are pursed in silence and it's only appropriate since you were only after gold and silver but your dreams are all gilded now as cheap and fake as your promises and worth less than whatever ideals you once possessed and you'll never be lonely never be lonely like i am or feel the way i feel because everybody loves you and everybody knows that you've loaded the dice that you're not who you used to be you used to be so beautiful loving caring tender and then your bloody nails made my bed and left me wounded when i tried to lay in it broken and slashed my skin tied in red red meat ribbons for your hair for your pleasure and beauty so you tie your tresses back with pieces of flesh possessed and taken in by you and i was just a meat puppet marionette dancing on your fishline strings with hooks in my hands and feet like stigmata from the cross you made me wear and now my hands are shaking and my feet are shaking and my head is shaking because my world is shaken and it's crumbling down and your abuse is another secondhand me down russian roulette wheel of despair and as i watch the ball spin i keep thinking i should have bet on black i should have bet on black

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008