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Me = Us/U

i never was good at math. integers and equations have never been my strong point and i've always struggled for the answers. and then the dewy thousand yard stare of your decimated eyes seemed to solve all my problems. you taught me addition at night and subtraction in the morning, a nocturnal numeric tutor. finally, i discovered that you were providing the same educational services to others. it was then that i realized that you had started the problem and although you had given me all the theorems and corollaries i would need, i would have to learn the long division of relationships on my own. i could teach myself the multiplication by tallying your students and you had already taught me what minus means when you walked out without so much as a kiss goodbye but i couldn't factor in the new math that you made me study. i don't think i will ever understand why you felt this course would be better taught through distance learning, but at the end of this class, one thing remains as clear as when you began teaching me - i will never understand why it was necessary for you to divide us through addition.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008