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Summers Out Beyond The Bay

i want you to come to san diego i want you to leave your town and come here so you can see where i live what i see and how i live i want you to be part of it we've talked so much talked about life and work talked about our problems we'd be so much better off if we just left everything behind our books and records and took off in an old car drive all night until we run out of gas money and then sleep in the back curled around each other and tangled in each other's limbs i want to feel your hands in my hair and your arms touching my side and your legs thrown over my waist i want to know how it would feel to wake up next to you with the sheets thrown off the bed and our skin still slick like seals from making love from fucking i want to slide inside you on your wetness and mine mingled together our come lubricating us as we start again and i can taste myself on your tongue the salty taste of my come in your mouth and i can taste it on your lips as i kiss you and in your cunt as i go down on you as i fuck you with my tongue and feel your mouth on me i want both of us to be spent laying on the floor after we've come again i want to look over at you and i want you to look at me as we start giggling i want to play with you tease you seduce you fuck you but most of all i want to love you and spend the time i have left in your arms in your bed in your mouth in your hand in your cunt and have i told you i adore you lately

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008