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Dead Souls

i got lost in the supermarket last night wandering up and down the aisles looking for something i couldn't find checking for coupons looking for tea i had a list but i deviated from it slightly and bought a bit more than i had intended but i suspect i'll eat it instead of throwing it away again because i'm providing for myself in a junk food nation with fast food city states i need to do so many things and they're all so simple washing dishes washing clothes washing my car washing my hands of the mess my life has become i feel stripped and bloody and i want it all back i want the superheroes and the gi joes i want the dogs and the cat and the white picket fences of suburbia i want the green backyard with an above-ground pool during summer i want the peach trees and pecans the weeds and the hills that burned off every summer but these are all just monkey's paw wishes and so i release them relinquishing control of them to the dustbin of history where everything is eventually thrown away to be forgotten and relearned because we keep on keeping on and staying the same mistaken course when we should have stopped at a gas station years ago to ask for directions only to find someone doesn't who speak the same language in the bulletproof glass encased booth and can you tell me how to get to mulberry street because i really want to see the sights and all the neon lights are bright on broadway but the people the people all look like walking corpses in street light

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008