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I Can't Un-tattoo My Life

sitting in this room all by myself silly boy trying to scrub the scars off trying to get the ink off my skin because i've been tattooed by fists and words all my days and sooner or later these things have to wear off bruises of ink and stained sometime it has to go away and things have to get better someday i'll feel better and these days too shall pass and i may remember them i may choose to remember days when i fell in love with the setting sun and the sky as planes leaped into the air and came into my town i remember walking with you i remember sitting with you and drinking coffee and i'll be missing you until the end of my days because someone once told me that some things never get any easier and i don't think getting over you is an option i'll only get farther away from it all and the memories will fade with distance and time the memories of you on the couch and seeing you gray and cold i never thought i'd know anything like that or see it i always thought you'd live forever and be a part of my life as long as i was alive but i guess sometimes things don't happen like we plan and that's part of life but you're still under my skin and the notes you wrote are still in my files and i still read them i know you loved me and i know why you did what you did and i still hate him for it i didn't want to speak at your funeral but i couldn't let the last words people spoke about you be delivered by a drunken minister on a weekday afternoon and so i spoke and i said more than i ever wanted to

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008