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Have You Got A Hope For Me To Steal

i've been subsisting on borrowed dreams and forgotten plans lately making dates which always seem to fall through when i need something to do to keep myself from going crazy and so i wash dishes and do laundry losing myself in the routine of daily existence but i hate it hate it hate it it shouldn't be like this and the daily grind isn't coffee or meat it's me grinding me crushing me and i spend my nights searching for redemption forgiveness absolution and salvation or at least oblivion and annihiliating memory because anything is better than the memories i harbor like refugees from a gulf of mexico hurricane and i think about mexico sometimes how long until i could be in some town where i didn't know anyone and spend the rest of my days drinking cheap beer i'm tied down now and i don't see an exit sign anywhere as i stumble around in the dark looking and hoping for the red the red what the red light to guide me through the dark although a bright light would be better instead of the dingy seediness of red all cheap fishnet stockings and liquor stores that stay open late i want something better i want something good and i want it to last i want it forever and i still don't think i want too much

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008