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New Dawn Fades

the memory still reverberates through the mist chainsmoking at five am on the front porch waiting for the coroner to finish his work waiting for the gurney with the black body bag on it waiting for them to take what was left of you away the sun came up soon enough all too soon all too hot it didn't rain for weeks and you were dead and the skies should have been crying but the days were brilliant cobalt and they were radioactive and carcinogenic they weren't happy at all and they aren't yours and they aren't mine and i'd sooner leave them forgotten to the wet hourglass sand of time's decay sitting on the beach listening to seagulls scream the decanter of scotch and spilled pills on the counter swimming through my head caught in a rip tide total eclipse of the darkness falling over me again and again as the tidal waves roll in and crash foamy white and now i'm back in my room moved out left behind what i know and there's nothing left to remember now 1br1ba 2nd story no AC and it's a summer morning and i have the day off and all i want to do is leave and ride lose myself in city traffic running errands running errant and sometimes just running but i can't outrun where i've been and what i've seen because exhaustion catches up with me and then the past does too leaving me with angels of violence howling in my head and i've tried everything to crowd them out every time i dream but they always keep returning with bloody swords drawn and dripping and sometimes i feel like i'm slipping away and can't stay here

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008