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It's All Coming Back To Me Now

and will you forgive me all my sins will you let me make amends and if it's just too hurtful to think about it will you remind me why we're better off this way not speaking not seeing knowing we share the same sun and city but not knowing where we are in relation to each other this is what you want right this is how you wanted it to end with me so this is how it ends you wrote once not with a bang but a whimper and yet you called me when you needed someone and i was the one who was there for you and i remember how we talked all night and laughed and cried and screamed how we finally wound up making love and falling in too deep because we slept next to each other for a week and i couldn't sleep couldn't eat couldn't breathe without you because i remembered you looking at me across the diner and mouthing i love you as the people sitting with us talked about work you didn't say it didn't even whisper it but i saw you look at me and i saw your lips move and i remembered that for hours for days and i still remember it even now and i probably will remember it for the rest of my life and i remember all these things and you said i live in the past and i should enjoy the present more but i keep remembering how it felt to touch you in that blue light in the dim lights of my room and how we held each other all night and how could we wind up like this with an iceberg of emotions blocking any way across the glacier between us you were a crevasse and you closed in on me but then the weather changed look at how the weather's changing

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008